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Drinks List - Reds (Public Holidays)

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006$11-50$46-00Sunbury
(exhibits bouquet of Spice, Oak and bay leaves. Lean and elegant)
2006 Shiraz$16-10$59-00Sunbury
(exhibits Dark Ruby red, an earthy charred oak and spice nose, with a lick of licorice)
2007 Shiraz- Premium$10-35$40-25Sunbury-Heathcote
(exhibits deep ruby red, this wine displays notes of dark chocolate, coffee and toasty spicy oak)
2007 Shiraz$9-20$32-20Sunbury-Heathcote
(exhibits spicy clove aromas lead to a fine elegant peppery palate, with a lick of ripe black olives)
Pinot Noir 2007$9-20$29-90Sunbury
(exhibits ripe raspberries, cherry, truffle violets and morello cherries)
2007 Nebbiolo$13-80$46-00Sunbury
(exhibits a heady nose of roses, musk & Briar fruit. Tight tannins. Sweet caramel undertones, good acid backbone and a touch of sage)
2007 Le Repaire de Bacchus Cabernet Sauvignon$10-35$34-50Sunbury
(Rich, inky with eucalypt and rose petal aromas. A savoury wine of briar fruit, mulberry and violets, with a long indulgent toasty oak finish.)
2008 Le Repaire de Bacchus Merlot$9-20$25-15Sunbury
(Vibrant cherry red, with a smooth juicy palate of raspberry morello cherries and violets and moderate grippy tannins on finish.)

Drinks List - Whites (Public Holidays)

Semillon 2006$6-90$20-70Sunbury
(exhibits citrus zest, green beans, passionfruit and sherbetty lime)
Riesling 2006$7-40$25-30Sunbury
(exhibits delicate blossom fragrance, steely, spicy)
Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon 2006$6-90$23-00Sunbury
(exhibits alluring bouquet of passionfruit, peach and citrus aromas )
Semillon Demi- Sec 2006$7-40$25-30Sunbury
(exhibits aromas of loquat blossoms, unripe peaches and citrus peel )
Chenin Blanc 2006$6-90$20-70Sunbury
(exhibits apple, bitter almonds, tamarillo and a lingering crisp finish)
Sauvignon Blanc 2006$7-40$25-30Sunbury
(exhibits, asparagus, green beans, kiwi with a dry crisp finish)
2007 Semillon$8-05$31-00Sunbury
(exhibits flavours of grapefruit, blood orange and white nectarines)
2007 Chardonnay$8-05$28-75Sunbury
(exhibits a creamy texture of nutty toffee, almonds, spicy oak, tight acid and a warm mouthfeel.)
2007 Sauvignon Blanc$8-05$27-60Sunbury
(exhibits green capsicum, green beans and tomato vine aromas, with a palate of green tomatoes, fresh herbs and lychee and melon)
2007 Chenin Blanc$8-05$25-30Sunbury
( exhibits notes of jasmine, passionfruit, green apples and juicy apricots)
2007 Riesling$8-05$27-60Sunbury
(exhibits shy classic chalky mineral noes, hints of herbs and wet earth. Dry with a lingering viscous and zesty finish)
2008 Riesling$9-10$26-70Sunbury
(exhibits minerals, musk, herbs, and sherbetty succulence)
2008 Semillon$9-10$31-20Sunbury
( exhibits Honey, butterscotch and a palate of citrus & eucalypt.)
Sparkling - Traditonal French Method
White Sparkling- Allegria¨$11-50$34-50Sunbury
(A delicate fruity nose leads to a palate of semi sweet tight bubbles of pure fun & joy!!)
Sparkling Shiraz- chin chin ¨$11-50$40-25Sunbury
(Rich, fruity, dry! A party for your senses and palate!!)

Beers (Public Holidays)

Crown Lager$9-20
Cascade (light)$6-90
Carlton Draught$6-90
Hahn Premium (light)$6-90
Vic Bitter Stubby$5-75
Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught (Longnecks)$9-20

Spirits and Mixed Drinks (Public Holidays)

Lemon Lime and Bitters$5-75
Vodka & Orange$6-90
Scotch & Dry$6-90
Gin & Tonic$6-90
Rum & Coke$6-90
Baileys & Ice$6-90
Napoleon Brandy$6-90
XO Brandy$11-60
Johnny Walker Scotch$6-90
Grants Scotch$6-90
Chivas Regal$11-60
Crme de Menthe$6-90
Rosso Antico$6-90
Campari & Soda$6-90

Fortified Wines (Public Holidays)

Muscat 500ml$10-35$28-75Sunbury
Fragolino TM 500ml$10-35$28-75Sunbury
Amoroso ® 2000ml$11-50$34-50Mildura
Rosso Delizioso ® 750ml$11-50$46-00Sunbury

Cider (Public Holidays)

Sweet or Dry 375ml$9-90Bacchus Marsh Cidery
Sparkling Cider 750ml - French traditional method$31-00Bacchus Marsh Cidery

Soft Drinks (Public Holidays)

Lemon Squash$4-60
Diet Coke$4-60
Soda Water$4-60
Tonic Water$4-60
Ginger Ale$4-60
Bottle 750mlSan Pellegrino Sparkling$9-35
Bottle 300mlStill Mineral Water$4-60
Lemon Squash$10-35
Juice (Glass)Apple$4-60

Hot Drinks and Coffee (Public Holidays)

Short Black$3-45
Long Black$4-60
Hot chocolate$4-60
Tea Pot$5-20
Flat White$4-60
Long Macchiato$4-60
Short Macchiato$3-45
Double shot extra$3-45
Iced Coffee$8-05
Iced Chocolate$8-05
Irish Coffee$11-50

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