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Home Made Provender Products

Bread & Butter zucchini pickle Apple Sauce$7.00
Sour Zucchini Pickle Fejoia Jelly$12-00
Sweet Mild Chilli Sauce$12-00
Green Tomato Pickle$6-00
Pickled Chillis$7-00
Semi Dried black olives$15-00
Inferno pepper sauce$15-00
Capsicum sauce$9-00
Chilli Jam$10-00
Woodfired Capsicum sauce$15-00
Woodfired Sofrito Sauce$15-00
Ferminted "Tabasco" style sauce$15-00

(Other Seasonal Products available from time to time)

Also Available..


Red Wine Vinegar$8-00
White Wine Vinegar$8-00
Apple Cider Vinegar$5-00
  • Hampers, made to order
  • Giftware