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White Wine Tasting Notes
Sunbury Cool Climate Wine Region


2006 Whites

(No Tastings Available As They Are All Currently On Amazing Specials)

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Semillon

Touches of citrus zest, crisp green beans & floral aromatics, leady you to a palate of passionfruit and sherbetty lime. The creamy silky finish has lovely balance, intensity and persistence

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Riesling

A wine with delicate blossom fragrance. It has a palate with an initial hint of sweetness which gives way to a steely, spicy mouthfeel. Crisp & elegant, it has real impact, succulence and a sustained finish

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Semillon Demi Sec

Aromas of loquat blossoms, unripe peaches and citrus peel opens the senses to this wine which has a smidgin of sweetness, citrus zest and quince flavours that dance on the tongue. A subtle young wine which promises to grow in stature and character with bottle ageing

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Sauvignon Blanc- Semillon – SOLD OUT

An alluring bouquet of passionfruit, peach and citrus aromas awaken your senses to the delights of its crisp, juicy palate of grapefruit, nectarine and subdued almond kernel finish. A wine of remarkable finesse

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Chenin Blanc

This elegant refreshing wine displays a characteristic crisp apple nose. It’s palate of apple, bitter almonds and tamarillo, enhances the lingering crisp finish

2006 Le Repaire de Bacchus Sauvignon Blanc – SOLD OUT

This sophisticated wine displays crisp kiwi/unripened stonefruit characters. Its herbaceous, green bean and fresh asparagus aromas enhance its overall vigour and vitality


2007 Whites

2007 BHW Chardonnay

A bouquet of rich vanilla and butterscotch draws you to a lovely, creamy texture of nutty toffee, almonds, spicy oak, tight acid and a warm mouthfeel.

2007 BHW Semillon

Aromatic nose of orange blossom, gardenias & papaya. Its flavours of grapefruit, blood orange and white nectarines, dance on your tongue and finish with a crisp, clean intensity of exceptional longevity

2007 BHW Riesling

A shy classic, chalky and mineral nose, with hints of herbs and wet earth. The palate is dry and subdued with a lingering viscous and zesty finish

2007 BHW Chenin Blanc

Notes of jasmine and passionfruit are enhanced by a palate of green apple, zesty citrus peel and juicy apricot.

2007 BHW Sauvignon Blanc

The nose displays pristine varietal character of green capsicum, green beans,& tomato vine aromas. The palate has an exuberant mix of green tomato, fresh herbs, lychee and melon, finishing crisp & clean


2008 Whites

2008 Chardonnay

A bouquet of butterscotch. Vanilla & rosemary. Palate is creamy & rich, with a savoury, spicy oak finish.

2008 Semillon

Liquid Gold. Honey, butterscotch aromas, with an intense, mouthwatering palate of citrus & eucalypt.

2008 Riesling

Elegant bouquet of minerals, mustk & herbs. The palate has real impact, a sherbetty succulence, crisp with a lingering metallic finish.

2008 Sauvignon Blanc

Varietal finesse,w ith aromas of green beans, bitter almonds & quince. A herbaceous palate, which is lively & refreshing.


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